Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lets Try This Again Shall We?

Well here I am, a few days and a few dollars short. I had planned on catching up yesterday during a "snow day"....but I got sidetracked when I had to take our kitty to the vet. One kitty less, and a lot of tears later....I just couldn't blog.

No way, no how.

Sooooo lets catch up shall we?

Way back when, I quit blogging for a little while. I felt like I had it a wall and just couldn't get passed it. I even got so frustrated I took off my purty hot pink bracelet. Uh huh...I did. I felt it became this symbol of my failure. I knew I hadn't committed 110% to my getting healthy, and I became frustrated with it all.

Very, very frustrated.

What didn't help much, is that I went to the Dr for my womanly physical...and got "THE TALK". The gosh-your-height-and-weight-and-your-BMI-shouldn't-be-this-high kind of talk.

I had a BMI of 40.

It's not a number I'm proud of, and that didn't help the matter any. It was like the pile was getting higher, and higher, and high you feel like you are buried/mired in everything and you either can't move or have no idea what your next step should be. And that's the real big part of what's bothering me right now. Figuring things out.

Starting tomorrow I'm starting with the basics. I'm going to be keeping a food journal and measuring out all my food. Then the next week I'm going to add exercising to those skills...and so on and so on. That way I can feel like I'm avoiding "doing it all at once" and getting so overwhelmed that I quit...again.

I'm beginning to think that my motto is "Fake It Until You Make It". I need to figure out what my problem is with me soon, before carrying around all this fat does something worse to my body than the wear and tear it's creating now.

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  1. Remember, one step at a time. That way you don't overwhelm yourself. If you set small goals you can meet them, and create bigger ones as you go. Good luck!
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